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tain relation to the congestion of the genital organs produced by auy cause.

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least one booster. Up to 50% of infants in some areas may

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or transitional nucleus. Most of the lymphocytes belonged to

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him who has the courage to read it, and the capacity to under-

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my consulting room, in a lady's bedroom, and in the sitting-

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ad ventilation, so essential for the promotion of health, and

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otherwise disposed of before a proper death certifi-

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parts which have undergone hepatisation being all of the same

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the supposition that it neutralises some pre-existing acid, of

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bation and admiration of the Apparatus for Club Feet. (No. 3172,)

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nal^ alcohol with the OH replaced by NO, ; glycerol

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therefore, most liable to be met with in young subjects. Tricuspid lesions,

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All these cases were operated upon for cancer. My first —

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Kursing Service, May 1, I967, to April 3O, I968 ... Kr- 8

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or its meninges. The history of the case will here be most use-

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produced the sickness in the N. family. I learned that the whole num-

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The comments by Dr. James Jones and you regarding the

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The transmission of a trait is assumed to occur through the

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condition, where musk is of benefit, such as diphtheria in those cases

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resulted in an unhealthy system. The nerves have become shat-

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the local profession, and would urge still more strongly that

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am well aware that exceptions may occur. The theca (dura mater) is

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During the school hours the children are allowed to

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excellent remedy is Black Cohosh, taken either in decoction or

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and a passenger from the Lazaretto of Ensenada, or more pro-

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Assistant Medical officer, with a handsome gold watch, in

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to reflect the light either ( i ) directly upon the lenses of light-

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capable of inducing tetany may determine the attack.

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at the conclusion that there is no evidence of the embryonic origin of

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and we have too many lawyers in Parliament. He is a

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brought up a rather large amount of frothy fluid like

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pleted the inspector could examine and receive or reject as the case

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were diagnosed tubercular, three meta-pneumonic, two due to

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