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Experiments were also undertaken to determine the effect of

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posed as an amendment that "wan pair of thini ixoiidoias

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of an empiric, who was either entirely ignorant of her real

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flesh. What would the above authority call " favora-

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Other diagnostic prolDlems occur so rarely that it is needless to discuss

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passed their first Professional Examinations during the May

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which is probably ingested with the food, and thus entering the

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are designed to generate maximum damage to the target with high precision. However,

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^The malarial parasites belong to the Sporozoa, sub-order Hoemosporidta,

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1.8° to 3.9° as compared with that of the thigh. A small piece of the muscles

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excessive bleeding, and of pernicious anaemia otherwise occasioned. The

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in view T by the attending physician for, though it is true that the normal variation,

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logic findings, from simple displacement of the thumb

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Francis Hungerford Spalding, residing at Janesville, and Mrs. Mary

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to provide medical aid and other conveniences, to remove

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towns have been corrected for increase of population from the middle of

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hyperesthesia, and reflex symptoms are absent. Finally,

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leading to diseases of the liver, dropsy, apoplexy, and sudden

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enfeebled, and that its contiactions were so sluggishly per-

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was being treated for pulmonary tuberculosis. The posterior three-

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John T. Siilliv;iii. private. Company F. Thirteenth United States Infantry, was

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beautiful country location. Illustrated prospectus.

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It is probable that ursemic vomiting, although it is usually preceded

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syphilis by means of the blood of the infected. These

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together with scar formation in the larynx, pharynx, palate, nose,

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appear that the arguments in favour of the bursting of a Graafian

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twenty-four hours is taken to indicate a positive reaction,

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the philosopher Plato lectured to the students of Athens was written the

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changes, it will be easy to see that the common term,

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poured off; the film was rinsed in distilled water, dried in the air, and mounted

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rose water ; but gargles must not be persisted in if pain is caused

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Tigris rivers. It was from them that their Semitic con-

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