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by the lobular divisions. The blood is contained in the areolar tissue as

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but I believe in these cases it is not always necessary to have a diseased

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at $2,692,907, were imported. The bulk of this product now reaches

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is very closely related to rainfall, as Dr. W. Budd, of Bristol, has

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Parenchymatous injections of iodine are at times very

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his theory having called for a revision at the hands of

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50. Moro: Ergebn. d. path, anat., 1910; Benjamin and Witzinger: Ztschr. f.

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the power of movement, while acute pain, which is evidently

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Pediculi always cause more or less itching and consequently a tendency

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ternal secretion is shown by stimulation of the salivary glands

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with the mother. Delivery, even of the most favorable kind, provides a

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deeper defects when it is felt that the infection is neg-

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seau says very certainly, fail. If the "Carnochan operation" has been

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of the disease in the mosquito season, to the facts

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1. The time for operation is when the symptoms, verified

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following malarial disease which resisted all medical treatment. By

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we find that the interesting article of our Paris correspondent, Dr.

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those of the Camembert district of France. It is believed, however,

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the fatty tissue were noted. Inflammation followed by

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Thus, the disease has been attributed to the following causes: alcoholism

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" Oxygenated muriatic acid gas will be instantly disen-

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A LADY, aged 30, in the sixth month of pregnancy, miscarried, hav-

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Stembo, in whom the myoclonic spasms were associated with an irre-

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Dr Moxon has argued in the ' Guy's Hospital Reports ' for 1870, that a good

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view of the absolute proof that cases of the disease occur in which neither

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Gyna-c. J., Lond., 1894-5, x, 523-544.— Seliiiclinrdt (B.)

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road a bag of powder which he considered to be hair-powder. His

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and had had five children. She received the injury for which

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les pausemeuts occlusifs de I'reil et de la face, .\reh.

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