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were it possible to apply the disruptive force of electricity without

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I to be done but to expel Mr. Baker Brown. (Applause.)

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ments together to prevent strain and stretching of the forming

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contents of the stomach to pass easily into the small intestine.

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Treatment. — Cupping or leeching along the spine, followed by

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activity of absorption, and favours septic infection from toxic

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were originally planned. In the three visits (two days each) which

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pital at least half a dozen times, and several of us had given him chlo-

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As has already been mentioned, a return to a meat diet

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quire bile acids and adequate mucosal function for absorp-

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may be local or constitutional, permanent or temporary, but if existing

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the antro-nasal opening. For this she was taken in consultation to

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Recently a child of the Doctor's was ill, and he tore down an

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pathologically this primary streptococcus pneumonia is supposed to be

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having secured the able assistance of my colleague, Dr. Thorburn, proceeded

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uterus, any more than during the period of pregnancy.

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On December 23, 1897, at night, Mrs. L. was returning home from

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for care of the indigent as a base that would insure full health

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them or a reliance upon them, rendering it difficult to relinquish their

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intact formed elements. Careful microscopical examination yields

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the lower lobes were partially infiltrated. In the left

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the presence of condyloma (mucous patches) of the lining membrane of

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The needles must pierce the skin not closer than an inch from

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without an overt fit, or the attack of agitation may occur without the

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the treatment continued as may be necessary. After this

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Senior Assistant Physician, City of Glasgow Fever and Phthisis Hospitals,

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ing of the man who wishes to treat disease. There are certain

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Thomas M., aged nineteen, about eight months ago first

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tables, still there are times when such an arrangt-

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destructive metabolism, the fabric of the half-formed decidua tumbles to

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Dr. N. Harris Moragne reports a case of copperhead-bite in South. Med. and

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— The eruption — Its histology — The symptoms and course — SequeUe — Re-

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sufficiently marked to justify such an appellation, even in the

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