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structure and function. But its special physiology has

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cirrhosis, cancer of tlie liver which has inv.ided large por-

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by the anaemia, and by the pressure symptoms which affect so many

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fable the founder of the race of Ophiogeneis, a hero, was

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ameter. Each disc was then placed in 50 cc. of the solution to be

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Cardiac Diseases. — These are comparatively rare in the

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After treatment. — Put the patient in bed, apply cold compresses for

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heavy rainfall in the greatest part of India take-- place during

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a constant setting free in the tissues of acid waste products carbonic,

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bloodless ; 2, that the cocaine is retained in the operative

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must regard as a local tuberculous process. It showed that re-

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instrument slipped off each time. The boy was positive in his state-

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immediately changed, by a catalytic transformation, into albumen and fibrin.

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history, perhaps, following the same course, but each trending near one

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has fully and permanently recovered from his insanity,"

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naturally increases the secretion of urine ; the diuretic is the most cer-

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sometimes, due to nipture of veins, rather than qf arteries. If so,

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of Kelly's speculum. I have recently scored a brilliant success in the

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beyond the possibility of restoration are in such conditions as to render resi-

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prepared from water conveyed by pipes provided with

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a hook. A rent was now plainly seen in its posterior wall, com-

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regarding practical premium rates and structures for comparison with the CNA proposal. The

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interesting medico-legal questions. To the public at

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recently returned from Scotland, took a shock from the point of the

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this comparative freedom — by this indifference on the part of

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said with truth and exactness that most of the cases of toxic

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one week previous to my visit she had miscarried at

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and presenting the appearance shown in Figs. 21 and 22.

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and are unable to walk in a straight line. Disqualification on these

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strips of gauze or soft linen stretched across the lips of the wound

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^•'^•■'"' ■'"•'" •""' [''■■-■"■..i:nL' ..r |-crl. .r..l inu, luinh,,- ).„„> luiv sl„,uKi he

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tions, or so strong a current is required that either the

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show that he has repeatedly and very seriously misrepresented

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disease in which a clinical diagnosis cannot be made

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brain is hypersemic, especially over the occipital lobes, which present an almost

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and is at times the only organism to be found to account for the symptoms,

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particularly in the mammary glands, and in many instances a consider-

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