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Bubay, and others have shown. The extreme rarity of primary tuberculosa

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\ sis liavi" alsii liiTii i's|)''i-ially \aliialili' in wnfUini; mit tin' irncliiinistn

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Cassirer has collected 90 observations which have been reported as ery-

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and syphilis. In several of my cases the disease was supposed to begin

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treatment of the condition after it develops, except in very mild and transitory

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power of the heart is lesseiieil, the rise in lilnoil pressure followiiicr cxer-

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septics. Many of the cases of infection by contiguity could unquestionably

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shorter time than is iisu.il. and the CO. meanwhile mounts in the alveolar

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. Mir. I.I ,,l >,.|..,i- |..,Mli,,ii, .,( 111. iil..\.li.l. ..1111.1.1 ..11 III. '"I'll-

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iijiry caters illijil is. ni' jn-iik ccmt.-rniiii',' tiic ciiilMiNyj ,,]■ COOlI f,'rciiip

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l-"roiii tliese and similar oliserv ations it soon liccamc clear that i)ioteiii

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Ui'iiri'iil tliiiii III tliiit III' liliiii.'iii |ili\ siiiliiuy. < ii'iii'i'iil |ili\Miiiliiiry Ih i'iiii

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is exceptionally rare, and its existence is doubted by some authors.

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Till- iniliili' anil skati'li- "liii-h aii' mit thns alisniln'il ami ilctoxiriiti'il arc

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affected and who do not respond to good hygiene, diet, etc., the outlook is

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restriction of motion. On movements of the joint a loud gating noise

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to the dignity of a disease. The chief difficulty arises when we consider

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tnxir lluiils, surii ;is snjiLr xcnn.ii, Iclanns Insin. cliv. ilcli'i'ininjilinn ul'

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;';■" '''"'■'■'•"• ■•^- -"l'"'-l ""-I. nl-ter s, ,!„„.. killin. ,1,, ,„i„„|. tVeeziu..

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trunk were involved. Some of these cases have subsequently had a chronic

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p..ii."lii. Iii-.atiiin.^ s,.,.n m tii.' \vint.r sl,.,p ,,f tiii„.rnatiiij.- aniniais. Dur

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isolation of the cells, in many cases their grouping in small masses or chains,

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\|...!i' ,.1- I'l'ij.ii^iiti,.!! ,.r !!■.- 1^-it in Ihr .\i;rii!,-s :r.;.\ {:,,,■., [):r .\;i:i,iis t,i Tin-

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'nliicic If the siien'.:tli nf siimiilus is sniiiewhal imrcascil, ihe

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knows the early hastory. A knowledge of the existence of the causal factor,

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some hypertrophy of the smooth muscle fibers of the skin. There were

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nilicr factor tliaii ("h iiiiist olivioiisly lie icsponsililo for tliis icsiilt. This

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thnt till' suinll ill I'liinii'il I'i'lls, kimwii ns niii-i'iiry ti's ninl pnikilnrv •

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the most severe pain have very slight joint changes. There are certain

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iw.il artifii-ial liudit ma.\ he emphi.\.'.| tor int.'iisifyini; the clTc.'l

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months, eighteen months, and two years (2 cases) respectively. In all of

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animal causes an iiiiiiiediate fall in liloud pressure, accouipanicd hy an

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Etiology. — It is a disease preeminently of middle life. Cases, however,

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nal effect of the |)ressure itst'lf i I'aui Heit. Leonard Hill and Maeleod *V

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five drops every four or five hours since the 2d of

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harder in others, and most marked over the normal ridges and spurs to which

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