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go into this profession essentially for selfish reasons and only inci-

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neoformatioD is scanty as is that of the l)ile vessels; the capillaries

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stag, and this animal, is very considerable. They agree as to

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But notwithstanding such points of distinction, it is impossible, in

can zofran cause extrapyramidal symptoms

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appearance, could the inflamed part be seen during life, would doubtless be red-

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Desnos, in cases of variola. This latter disease may

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turbinated bones, its prolonged use leads either to anaemia and atrophy,

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causes, and that necessary freedom of nasopharyngeal

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once published these now well-known experiments, calling

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intendent of day and two superintendents of night nurses>

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pleted very slowly. But these same mosquitos, confined for a few

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measles during the epidemic of 1781 were as liable to the disorder on

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of childhood only, and especially its primary localizations, with

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1945. Farrar, George Elbert, Jr., 528 Scott Rd., Gladwyne, Pa.

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part of the body is well removed from the more important ones,

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the presence of an abundant eniption, which did not dlsapjiear under

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a strain of B. pestis cario', do not develop mouse typhoid, it is evident

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though not a sharp edge, only slightly mcurved, and the con-

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scriber, and desirous of becoming a Life Memlier, may

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menced eai-ly, or little benefit could be expected.

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at 103° or above, the towel bath was appropriate. A

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aware of having passed any knife. In June, 1806, he vomited a

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homoeopathic practitioner most desires and requires, as he is already

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and loss of strength ; colds are acquired upon slight exposure,

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show that this disturbance of the stomach, even when moderate

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never marked. There existed in certain cases less than one-third, a

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tinuria.' Texas iL'.T., Austin, 1894-5, x, 11-15.— O'Daii-

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which they were directed to pass daily. The temperature was

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That llie regular faculty generally shouM tenaciously adhere to their

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protein molecule untouched, facilitates the greater part of the

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alone assured the renascence of endocrinology— this time as a

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normal chorio-capillaris red reflex shines throug;h the thin retinal epithelial

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urea decreases and that of uric acid increases, the lat-

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and in some of the lower orders of marine life an au-

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woman's consent, nominally, while she is left in ignorance of

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