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small, and usually frequent, rarely retarded; the patients are very

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rapidly to 105°, or even 108° or 109°. There is no relation between the

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belonging par excellence to warm climates, and, for reasons not understood,

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I read in the March number of The Medical Student, an opinion

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me, voluntarily, that she was taught to masturbate at six years of ige,

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sent, but was prevented by Parliamentary duties. The

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It stood about in a listless way, with its head down, but when dis-

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whisky, may be allowed. Sea air might be beneficial. (Jalvan-

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without any definite aura or local starting-point ; symptoms indicative of

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the kidneys subsiding, but seeming to be the starting point of the chronic

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There are two varieties of this rat : alexandrimis, which is larger

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but it does not end in broncho-pneumonia, for it has not had time to do

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it in hands tolerably expert in obstetric manipulations. It must, how-

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reason — the thing believed in is, the more firmly

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operation. Because while healing is a full-time job, running your busi-

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1 : 5,000, they also agglutinated with serum of another group in quite

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was held at the College building, corner Twenty-third

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*\ . has conclusively demonstrated its superiority over other remedies in the i [

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slaters or woodlice. Physic gardens were also connected with

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superficial ulcerations, may readily be mistaken for one of the above or

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It-.u-K iiu,-,.,n.l.,.,nul,.,l,r.,u,!,,i„.-i.,i„„.Hia. I..,

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from the foramen magnum above to the lower part of the first lumbv

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Charlotte; W. S. Rankin, M.D. (1939-1940), Charlotte.

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I should strongly advise that no case should be treated without a phy-

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Dr. Cartledge, for instance, will operate upon a patient, doing an

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obtaining initially in A which had only half the concentration of enzyme.

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rhage is not excessive, use external and bimanual compression

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curial ointment imtil salivation is produced, and its subsequent deriva-

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large part — at least three quarters — of the epiglottis was destroyed by

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Did you ever wonder what’s behind the medicine chest in

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abdominal wound, which, being evacuated, healed promptly and

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We do not lose sight of the fact that sometimes under

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seizures, transient hemiplegia or convulsions, often unilateral.

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