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moderate dose of phenacetin is without any distinct action

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trials of various alternative/complementary therapies.

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rlLsease is frequently found in successive generations of a single family.

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son-gland occupies the side of the head, behind the eye, and beneath

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stroyed the Children of Isra*!," I may say, in the words

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The 12th and 13th cafes rank under the third head. In com-

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I hope for this reason that what I have to say may-

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operates on the living body has been ascertained, and the marked differ-

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tria de febribus paradoxa, D. Laiiroiitii .Tiiberti,

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sician-Accoucheur, certain of the Dressers, and the Clerks to

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that in chronic granulations or traohoraa. The site of the old

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restlessness occasioned by this extensive irritation had passed

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intestine had been handled, and then the patient had

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angular spaces, having sides of two centimetres and a half, within which

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and covered by rubber tissue, cotton, and bandage). On July 1st

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S un-cotton acid vapours are evolved, which, if respired, although they ma

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other hand, active peristalsis occurs in animals bled te death. A

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ent classes of cases. A cross card index filing system has been in use for

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might be noted in these cases after weeks, months or

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rise of temperature, no sugar or albumin in urine, no tuber-

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narcotics given postoperatively might also benefit pa-

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On the face and trunk the desquamation is in the form of

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believe that all our investigations, so &r, encourage us in that

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and imperfectly trained order of medical practitioners was

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to the patient himself. The intermediate conditions, the transition

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his intuition or gift of prophesying men's ends, to say

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