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I might give a long list of equally successful cases, but to do

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ment (^Torula cerevisiae') on saccharine substances, causing

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Very large quantities of eggs are now broken out, mixed, frozen,

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remember any talk of induced cancer, but when later

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prominent thickening of and about the muscles of the shoulders and

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Western Railroad Hospitals. — A daily paper gives

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'^' In a ba lly vitiated atmosphere inaction is the only palliative ; muscular

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cruciating suffering she sent for her physician, who

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into account, any changes which hepatic enlargement undergoes

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the muscles of the neck and jaw are chiefly affected.

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A life of Guglielmini, written to accompany the completed works

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Norfolk, Portsmouth, Old Point Comfort, Riihmond, Natural

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Reproduction may take place asexually by (i) transverse or

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attracted an equal amount of attention. We therefore propose in the

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tensity that it is not rare to see its subjects arrive at a state of true

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flexed, or even on tlie back with the lower limbs extended. More or less

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of posterior-basic meningitis. Some rigidity of limbs may occur in the

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by Lannelongue, may be efficacious in producing such an amount of

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This immunity was not only lasting, but could be pro-

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patient claimed the tooth as his property, refused to part

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tions raised last year against certain of the clauses cannot

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the Medical ^'ci>?K7',s, October, 1861. The conclusion drawn from these

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According to Manson, the embryos of at least four, and possibly

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tiKii ■ 4 d. after admissii'"* ^•'' ^toge : Former craniectomy enlarged iwstcriorly to expose

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ths prize has been awarded. — British Medical youriial.

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heredity, but should bring forward practical zoologic

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advantages too ; possible protrusion of the upper front

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foimd the stomach only dilated and thickened, but other-

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