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invites cardiac troubles, the tendency to heart-involvement already being

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promptly. Intercurrent attacks of asthma have a similar eflfect, and

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Treatment. — The patient should be rendered as comfortable as pos-

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adolescence, giving rise to disproportion betAveen head and height — a

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upon certain sequelte — pancreatic cysts and chronic pancreatitis.

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There may be sixty million of them in a single female worm, and

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Cloth, S3. 00 net; Half Morocco, §3.75 net. Sold by Subscription.

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The individual paroxysms vary in duration from one to ten days or

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The indurative headaches are best treated during the attacks by a

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cases ; thus, it may be briefly stated that in protracted and obstinate

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pustular, and the pustules may dry up while fresh papules are develop-

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be placed tumors, clots (due to hemorrhage), and softening of the me-

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tain families. As many as ten generations in a family have been re-

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Prognosis. — The outlook is unfavorable in the absence of operative

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the retro-cecal connective tissue, and the term "iliac abscess" was

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treatment of eye, ear, nose and throat troubles alone!"

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eration are found in those regions that are supplied by the anterior

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rapid advance in medicine. So- rapid is this progress that the

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enous. Brown-Se(iuard pointed out in 1857 that epilepsy may some-

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ganized inflammatory agents [haeteriologic irritants). These may be spe-

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Medicine, Jefferson Medical College, and F. J. Kalteyer, M. D., Assistant Demon-

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regurgitation occur in a younger subject or in one who has been afflicted

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definitely the nature of the findings. There is no loss of fat in the

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growth predominates in spirit-drinkers. The mucosa of the stomach

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