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bodies, microscopic in size, resembling small seeds.
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a widow, be sent back to the Hawaiian Islands and confined
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A series of Resolutions on Anesthesia, from the Hartford Medical
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Looss points out that even the presence of an egg with a tme
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sults. The writer first saw this method demonstrated
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The needles must pierce the skin not closer than an inch from
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chloral have not proven satisfactory, threatened convulsions not
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England, familiar with the countr}' and the wants of the Argentine
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land, it is now perfectly well understood that dirty milk and milk bac-
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New South Wales, and also in Victoria ; while in New Zealand it is
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Toronto Globe : His study is interesting, especially that part of it cover-
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From the Division of Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Department of Pediatrics, Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles, and
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cases prognosis as to time and eventual recovery must be guarded.
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physicians in Ontario, the operation of Provincial and Local Boards
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The uses of the spiral shape and double " staircase" of the
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Riding Re giment during 1881. Army M. Dep. Rep. 1880.
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it was stated to be about as large as at the fifth or sixth mouth of pregnancy.
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Turner re-discovered navicular disease, in favour of the latter,
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bank’s assets. The Budget presented to the Delegates
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a quiet, darkened room and placed at rest in isola-
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is also a great disappointment for the patient, who has been told that her
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ated and loud, but, when well advanced, in all cases the pulse has the
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vailed at the drowned lands in Orange County, New York.
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and indications present themselves of the necessity of re-

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