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sternum, and this was due to the pressing together of the vertebra?. The thorax had
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overcomo by the introduction of the electric light, and we now have an
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Tvtro Clmical Lectures. By Edwin E. Graham, M.D. Re-
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Case I. A. F , aged four, male, first child, diffi-
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"That septic infection may take place without fetor. Fetor may occur without
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— Council sets stage for comprehensive health plan:
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barely sit still. Had he been a child today, he might
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administered in two-drachm doses, repeated every other night, and the cases
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pose of finding an antitoxin for rabies. He has discovered that
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possible. Accordingly, the following day, the 31st,
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that the paralyzed cartilage is drawn into the passage by the rush
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ruptured transversely four inches from the navel, and the placenta was ex-
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thyroid function tests, and erythrocyte sedimentation rate
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sac or cell performing its individual work, whether constructive or
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serous tissue is rarely primarily involved. Dittrich,§ too, grants the
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and Fall River foots the list with 2.7. In these 50 cities the
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brain, fully injected with blood ; both the lateral ventricles were
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prevented. Ablutions with lukewarm water, to which may l>e addeci some
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feel so odd. I have never felt anything like it before. What shall I do?"
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own distinct, but respective localities, were attacked with, and died of puerperal
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Total Splenectomy for Hypertrophy and Displacement of the
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a pleurisy may develop insidiously and without pain. Pleuritic
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observations are necessary, but a slight and constant rise has a definite value.
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some slippery elm water : the dose is from ten to fifteen
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direct relations with the Medical Society. Dr. Ill had
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tate of potash ; and scabious.§ All the tartrites appear to possess

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