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beyond reasonable doubt the innocuousness of the remedy.

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The undermentioned to be Acting Lieutenant-Colonels whilst in command of a Medical

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but they cannot convey diphtheria nor other infectious and conta-

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solicited to transmit such collections as they ma}'

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the body of the Professors with the Chancellor at their head,

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environment only ; for you, have been created dispositions, tem-

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Eeverberation in the nasal cavities occurs in the prolonged sounds

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Dacarogna, Dengue a Ismaila, Alexandria, 1878. Daych, Etud. hist, de la dengue

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Dr. Hale considered the disease as a fever, adynamic in its character, ohanotertaed bj

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When it has become puftular, and loll its original chara^leriftics,

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ties of streptococci and their variations in virulence

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every second hour. The efi'ects produced by this medicine were not

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macenter variabilis (American dog tick). Ixodes ricinus

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the sixth, the deep on the eighth, and the vaginal on

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tonsil by the bistoury or sharp tonsillotome, the dull

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Her urine still continues to be loaded with bile, and

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^part, is the usual method of administration, though double these quan-

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Thursday, June 24TH — Second Day — Morning Ses-

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a city to which came annually the most distinguished states-

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one, in October. I think that these two examples, and there

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Petechise and purpura both occurred. The lower sternum was distinctly

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The biennial dinner in aid of the funds of this institution was

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due to very diverse causes — one in a boy, aged six, who

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