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60% of these women will transmit the infection to the at-risk

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stance transmits waves of medium length, and may or may

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of fistula in ano, while I have had cases of piles of almost daily occur-

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have occasionally been found by Laache and von Noorden. That these

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M. Melsens' doctrines could well be had, or desired. Dr. Fleming

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On February 26 following, a letter was received from the patient

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Mr. Bullock, of Hanover street, has made experiments of combin-

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may take place. The lesions found at autopsy consist of nodules in

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membrane, which are caused or favoured by the state of the air

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ity in any case where it appears after an operation.

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public pulse, hence to reelection. Being naive in the

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Nephritis and Urinary Troubles. — We find albuminuria, nephritis,

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patent, but he believed that the prime differentia]

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presence of the Plasmodium in malaria has been supplemented and rounded

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the body must be well secured, and the scrotum drawn upwards, and

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ished in capillary bronchitis, and it may be greater than in health, owing

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condition. The patient's couAalescence was complicated by sudden

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him, tried the system rigidly for more than eight years. He was a

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1948. ••Brown, Robert B., mc, usn, U. S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Md.

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The liver and alimentary canal appeared healthy ; so also the kidneys.

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are softened and breaking down, aud there are slight

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ferred to the epigastrium. Remedies, as well as food, being quickly

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benefit in both cases was due largely to the leucocytosis

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Sometimes it is possible to feel carcinomatous nodules

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in the urine in some cases of indigestion, and indicates that the

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The variables of school enrollment and drug use were

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i the health and life of the individual as well as the weal of her family.

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ment in facial paralyses is a retrogression of this sign. This is probably to be at-

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