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discharge was liquor amnii was j)roved by the subsidence of the uterine

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basis for their evaluation. All of the users reported the cells

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Rh Antibody Fractions Separated on DEAE -Cellulose Transfusion,

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the Russian army in Manchuria as a military observer from December 7,

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and twenty-eiglit revolutions per minute. Her entire scalp

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degrees of proficiency should not .be allowed to attend the

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3. Frankowski BL. Weaver SO, Seeker-Walker RH: Advising parents to stop smok-

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Urogynecology. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Medical Faculty,

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Scientific Councilors of the National Institute of Neuro-

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plaster is held between the two folds of muslin, it will not soil

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beam photons with “boost” dose intraoperative electrons.

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the beginning of a pioneering effort to establish a research training program

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postponing investigations in other areas. Increased support has been requested,

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free incisions are to be made, to allow the escape of fluid,

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periodic serum electrolyte determinations (particularly important in patients

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many of the papers, and all tlie main propositioJis in them,

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Project Title : Virological Studies of Attenuated Polioviruses,


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since each virus has its own characteristics, and the properties of live vac-

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Sportsman’s Day award dinner be combined and schedul-

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theoretical aspects of these relatively new techniques on insect populationi,

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whatever, everybody seeming to look upon it as the regular

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Approved a budget of $218,280 for the Community Awareness Resource Education

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Market Street, both on the north and south side, between

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'' the skin is as healthy and supple as on the sound

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periodic serum electrolyte determinations (particularly important in patients

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loop, of wire, and the wire, in spite of diligent search, could

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in Franklin in Middle Tennessee to join a multispecialty group prac-

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One of the most important dietary factors affecting serum

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sides its calorific, luminiferous, electric, and magnetic influ-

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rabbits. The characterization of pregnancy toxemia has

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intelligent and ajjpreciative lady, I add my own observation to the effect

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is the fact that the special cause of Weil's disease, that infection which begins with

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the case, so we will take a single illustration : Suppose, by

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at Anglet (Basses-Pyrénées), was attacked nine years

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mouse and the rat at doses up to 100 mg/kg/day (50 times the human dose)

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This will be found to be the sum and substance of treat-

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6. Verhaegen J, Vandepitte J: Endocarditis caused by

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Tables and illustrations: should be typed double-spaced on separate sheets

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panel of national and state experts for a discussion on

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From the Dodson Insurance Group (the TMA-endorsed Workers' Com-

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mails just received from Buenos Ayres announce the contin-

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From what I have lately witnessed while -watching two local epidemics

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