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thus kept up a circulus vitiosus. In the first observation, the
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are also attributable to individual predisposition which begin miklly
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passes some blood in urine. Much pus and albumen in water.
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Actually, however, much larger quantities of the foodstuffs must be katab-
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or the good fortune to get the start of the public, in disco-
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When the disease is more extensive, even when so ex-
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Gymnastic exercises are valuable to correct the imperfect filling of the
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or gumma could be removed without inflicting damage on the brain, and so
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pitched whispering pectoriloquy was more frequent directly over the
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to supply the lost fluid. Should vomiting and purging go far enough to
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is determined by the migrations of its hosts — the hog, the rat, and
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returns home as clean a man as when he went. Again, methods
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enlargement of the spleen extending over many years present,
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are necessary: First, ability to jud^e accurately how far unaided
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7. Nasal lavage is more often harmful than useful. It is liable to
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They also commonly extend to the peritoneum and omentum, the pan-
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there for several weeks. It was very remarkable to see how the ty-
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Mr. Curry in regard to this matter, which I will hand to you.
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to impinge on a cold white porcelain surface ; the brownish-black
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but also tubercular). The cause of death' which we see in so many general diseases,
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Briquet; though recent French authors describe such cases (12).
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My attention has just been directed to a paragraph in one
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opinion expressed by Prof. Bartlett, that there can be no strictly
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because of a fatal issue or from the necessity occurring for
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