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upon the blood changes and the kidney injury. Two of the animab

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have, however, never found it advisable ; and Esquirol, Haslam,

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defect in the closing of the palate, as in cases of cleft palate, diphtheritic

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the heart had dark spots of blood extravasation. It is no longer

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applied, followed by cold applications with bichloride of mercury

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deranging digestion; in persistent, intractable cases, where the other

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splenic tumor to be of considerable size. Operative interven-

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what Ijust heard come out of my mouth.” I smiled my

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cates that only 20% of the public believes there should be

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July, 1915, p. 37), in a very well presented paper, sets

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careful records this was the first attack of rheumatism. Of

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15 to 20 feet below the surfari. where they certainly

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The precision required in radiation treatment is most critical in management of

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success. The operation was an osteotomy of the foot and the

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From both the history of the patients and the clinical ob-

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cocytes are always found, and it is not always possible to tell when

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worthy. Both the neurastheniacs died of tuberculosis.

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nized by Adami, is independent of "uric acid diathesis." On the other hand,

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quently, under different circumstances, and if the fragment

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taneously. If the hsemorriiage be more profuse, and begin to tell iqx>n

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organized medicine and clear instructions on how they can have maximum

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exceptional, and the diagnosis should always be most carefully considered

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on at least four days in the week. There is no evidence to

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Male, white, mill hand, age twenty-six, was first seen December

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four, when merely slight contractions about the face and neck occurred.

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their calibre, and throwing more work upon the left heart,

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formed in the blood, and is merely removed by the liver, and that

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day, while sitting quietly on deck, he experiences a feel-

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