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diminished volume, its extensive adhesion to the spine and

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lious of all skin affections; the most careful and judicious treatment,

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by electricity than by other means, and the reluctance

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extent of the lateral motions of the column. The elastic

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cystotomy will agree with me as to the difficulties inherent

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in the study of the venous and liver pulses. For fuller information Dr.

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career, spent quite a long time in Athens, and then traveled

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ing the second part. This procedure is called Rumford's

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action and fulness of pulse. The patient after this

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distinguish the two diseases in question in their young

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Schneiderian membrane, and perhaps the membrane of one nostril

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attendant — for, although she may not hare been acquainted

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has been another, I should be pleased to hear from any

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ture for some five days, and then (October 10th) developed a profuse-

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fibrous tissue thus produced, frequently is the seat itself of a mor-

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227. — Fisch (R.) Die JIalaria der Tropen und ihre

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about five inches long was then cut downwards and outwards. This being

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apparent occurrence of the rupture, the pulsations of the foetus ceased to be

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endocomplement. The thermolabile nature and the inactivity at

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so-called carbonate of creasote) and the carbonate of guaiacol for

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ly of a chronic character, with repeated accessions of erup-

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ported well two years after operation. Most of these

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After 2^ro(jres>i. — For the first six daj's he had no control over the

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