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some distance to the right and left of the sternum,

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94. — Southard (C. O.) Formalin. Pacific M. J., San

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Medical College in 1868, and a veteran of the Civil

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is transverse and whose border is bevelled on the inner

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much depressed, so that "the pelvic and abdominal vis-

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rests the proof of penetration wholly upon the patient's allega-

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(headache, vomiting, double optic neuritis) may be present, can be

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in small fractions of a second. An important difference exists

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Before the introduction of anaesthetics into surgical

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days, to assure us that the white corpuscle, which has so often

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The medical profession today stands foremost among the

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tered, and artificial respiration practised without avail.

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Hypotension Patients should be cautioned to report lightheadedness, especially during the first few days of

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leading finally to contraction of the kidney. The connective tissue pro-

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The last four cases of mastoid abscess which have come under my

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affection. One curious fact in connection with it is the

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evidence adduced in its favour is of the weakest kind. Presumably the

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every physician in Topeka, and Dr. Patee, Dr. Warner

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toxication. There can be no doubt but what the sympathetic nervous system

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It will be seen by the orders published below that the Medical Com-

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pound and require a general anesthetic for cleansing the wound.

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low that the door may be laid open to all, with as little expenditure as possible

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very far from the truth, as the number given by the cen-

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three years is in all respects remarkable. Working as he

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— We have for some years looked upon absolute rest

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Designated Specialty Codes — These abbreviations fol-

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and 48. G per cent, by titration. Since the optical activity of the sugar

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Cholera is probably the most fatal disease known in the

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lated to catch and hold the cut border of the tendon with-

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culty in coming into town as in the okT days, Avhen, if people could

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called the splenomegalic type of hypertrophic cirrhosis, and this

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