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the individual is controlled by kindlier views and concep-

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inulin, which stands to levulose in the same relation as starch does to glucose,

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elicit audible souuds, a certain relation must necessarily exist

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If the acute stage passes off and the disease is protracted, we may

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of the metacarpals being received into cavities of the upper ends of

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99 per cent were lymphocytes. No tubercle bacilli were present.

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to the observations of Pfeiffer and Marx 4 on the organs in which

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farmers for use in the feed box, and one of these — middlings — has

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character; and several observers have proved by chemical tests the

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ration. The foregoing enumeration of the leading symptomatic events

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had been impacted wax for years. Had there not been impacted wax

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Besides the spasm, which is the most striking symptom of

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assure one's self of the condition of the parametrium

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caused profuse secretion from the eyes, nose, mouth and in-

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now the general opinion that distemper was imported to Europe

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famous scientist has isolated the true cause of the terrible

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the extent of about an inch. The adliesionof the subcutaneous

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ing to this view the left ventricle would be the first to suffer,

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secondary infections. Ulceration of the oesophagus and small abscesses

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there are present in the intestines masses which, at the tem-

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to feel something else than indifference towards both these classes, I beg

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eroded, and there were perhaps eight ounces of what

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Dr. Chadwick remarked that most of the cysts reported as occurring in

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CiTl.iin -iiri;c''ii!-, .il'tt'i' bi'iuL'iiiL' .1 v'.nuiui tu .1 J'Uicr "1 -trvilivition by

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moderate fever is usually present (progression to acute hepatitis), and

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