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of that fluid, I am at a loss to imagine. Yet this is the only distinction which Vir-
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the feet. The poor boy lingered until the ; rence the testicle had gradually enlarged to
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treatment of infantile paralysis. In the first place
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lence, severe headaclie, disturbed visign, stupor, or delirium. When
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the OS calcisand tendo Achillis in order to slide the bone
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Standing, as we do, on therapeutic ground, our study
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was very ill, but an operation was proceeded with immediately,
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The brother of the patient, aged eight months, also had an enlarged
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confidently we may depend on the effect of full blood-letting in
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while the cells at the same time become larger, but only in a slight
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7. A tremuor of the under lip, arms, hands and chin, denotes
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respectively, the positive carbons of which were made of a
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to contraction of the mitral orifice from an adhesion of the curtains at their
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Edited by W. Morrant Baker, F. R. C. S. With 248 illustrations.
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propositions made by Jackson from a clinical and statis-
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Barbadoes, which is very free from malaria. They are very small,
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40 years, 9.8% in the ages between 10 and 20, 30.8% between 40
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instruct the patient to wear it as an amulet during the waning of
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DATES: August 17-20, 1989 LOCATION: The Virginia Beach Resort and Conference Center
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that one can adopt the same system of marking as is used with
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Iron Volatilizes at a Lower Temperature than Carbon. —
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the N’s represents the usual normal or upper limit
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with which there can be no confusion. Unless the uric acid curve can be
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corresponds to the apex of the heart is more removed from the median line ; its
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His anasarca increased, and the quantity of his urine decreased slightly.
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furnishing what she evidentfy requires, we may at length arrive at
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lowed by Dr. C. C Gratiot's paper on the Faults of the Profession and the
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for the Insane Poor, for the Year ended 31st March,
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more than in the treatment of fractures. Xo attempt is made to reduce
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