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in the spleen, towards fibrous change, and were exceedingly poor in
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moving a vote of thanks to the retiring President, and also to the Vice-
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Aug. 4 Made an honorai-y M.D. of the University of Dublin,
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have only existed for the last thirty years j and in these great establish-
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anterior portion had been destroyed, and the tooth itself penetrated by
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wrought by any power inherent in the lens itself, which is plastic, but
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book on "The Influence of Chmate in the Prevention and
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cation, but determined to rise in his profession. He
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their own number to address this important professional gathering ; to
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M.D., Ruthin.— 3. On the Use of Disinfectants in Severe Surgical
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if avoiding a fall would stand with the legs spread wide apart like props.
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A TRUE bill has been letuined against the father and mother of the
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youthful countenance of Francis for that of Craske.
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Gateshead-upon-Tyne, for any information that they may require, and

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