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ferent affair, should no longer be tolerated by the fellows.

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half of sugar in from forty seconds to a minute. Usu-

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are atrophied to skeletons ; others are swollen out

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Al till,- i-iiJ 111 .miillu-r ■■.I'll. Ill- ti-ii d.n -, .it'ti.-r llu- '.'..mnd i- -mi;id]\ '-

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it is surprising that so much space at the beginning of the book should

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Then no apron is used. The trousers and drawers are dropped

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ining the chest of such a person, the physician may be led into griev-

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there is yet sufficient reason for a broad distinction between the human

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Thomson an Medicines ; also. Dr. Samuel Thomson'.-'

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S. Candidates shall be proposed at one Meeting of the Council, and balloted

usual dosage of prednisone for poison ivy

contraction by a pathological state. Thus, when highly inflamed,

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Brooklyn, N. Y., and to the U. S. S. " Miautonomoh."

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mortality. Statements by different authors vary in the most decided

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sents the blood-sugar content at the designated periods. The dots which break the

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and ropy, like solutions of gum or isinglass. A remarkable fact with

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There are two primary reasons for not using the laser interferometer as the first

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ground coffee he obtained only about .056 fo of an oily

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have been out in Dr. Keller's country in Arkansas, where nearly

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at an angle of about 120° to a thin metallic stem or shank, which should

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the recollection of words. On undertaking to speak, after a few words,

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Patients may die slowly from asthenia, or more quickly by

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''As the analogous affections of the voice muscles are divided

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to its disappearance. It has also been conjectured that the lactic acid is

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and escape of their contents into the peritoneal cavity had oc-

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or percussion, and reappears as the result of exercise. The pain is not, as

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he himself has not laboilred in vain. The treatises

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Institute of the Philadelphia Association for Psychoanalysis. Harold Kolansky, m.d., Chairman, Adminis-

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accepted meanings of words had been well set by inflamed

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at once. The aim of the treatment is to keep the air-passages as open

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the results of some of the experiments wliieh I have

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The crack in the skin or on the lip, oozing from the start, be-

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spine was diagnosed during life, and on post-mortem examination cancer of the

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