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Medical Research Fund to which they have contributed

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intoxicant liquors. He characterized ales as " unwhole-

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of the skull, if we save one in twenty, we should do very well indeed. — Medical

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complete set. There is a qualitative differentiation of the chromatin

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spasm. Inhalation of chloroform quiets violent spasmodic

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The accompanying illustrations are drawn from tracings

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but until coupled with experience cannot be considered a

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ancients, and our own knowledge of the disease unhesitatingly

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peratu'e" ^' ' ^°"^'""°"^ ^'^^^'i°" °f tem- a movable kidney has its own character-

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norance of extra-peritoneal haematocele, not a single case

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Maffei, Gio. Camillo. Scala naturale; overo fantasia dolcissima.

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I remember a very remarkable case which I saAV through the

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of the blood by its purgative properties, and it impover-

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running into the joint and dislocations of the carpal

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Interested physicians should write to the Department of Otolaryngology,

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hypotension, shortness of breath, pruritus, skin rash, dry

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base of the left ventricle ; two in the pericardium over the

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of each extremity to the trunk, and then the cntii-e

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the ovary, where they enter the organ in close association with the

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klinische Bedeutung, Miinchen. med. Wohnschr., 1917, 64, 609.

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cal physicians, who have taken too much for granted

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In order further to determine the difference between hemophilic

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escaped, and exploration with the finger revealed a portion of

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column. In reading the table, certain facts should be borne in mind.

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discoloration, opacity, and undue sharpness of outline. As the vascularity

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ment of the British military service. In the first place,

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accompanied by collapse. This collapse is never seen in serum disease

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opacities that had come under his observation since his last report

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