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Again, it occasionally happens that paraplegia develops itself as a sequel

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Sweet and hard.— 10th and 12th. Very slightly of-

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neurosis. Haig attributed it to the effect of uric acid

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tation of the stomach and of the duodenum above the stenosis usually occurs.

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through the lower limb, and follow one after the other in the shape of fits.

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tumor and possibly of bringing about its disappearance. One lA the

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least cutanious eruption and is more agreeable and ac-

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dollars. Motor vehicle crashes accounted for 61.5% of injuries. Safety

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heart; and we are justly cautious in doing anything

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Anthrax; charbon; gloss-anthrax; apoplexia splenetica; car-

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also in assisting to work the ship. Had it not been for his

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of some respiratory muscles), in which the ordinary treatment for stammering

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the latter determine an attack of this disease. The eseiting cause, via.,

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in the group in which there was not sufficient evidence at the postmortem

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not a bad case. The seroUB sac under the chin is very prominent.

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an outrageous law. Yet a similar statute, challenged by

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headache, vertigo, disturbed sleep, hypochondriasis, neuralgia,

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at Dover, and departed, hoping never to be soiled with it again."

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19. Notice of all Extraordinary Meetings shall be transmitted by the Secre-

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generally blondes, and in Southern climates brunettes. Yet, in

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of chronic alcoholism in 12 of 18 cases (()6.6 p)er cent.). Severe symptomatic

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sampling of newspaper stories, with versions in both English and

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lions and tigers ; dogs, goats, rabbits, and sheep. Pigs and

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treatment with acids and alkalies, several compounds ; among

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the way from two weeks to months after the injury. There are

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endarteritis obliterans. (2) Alteration of nerves alone

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ditions they lost their vitality in from a day and a half

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laginous or enchondromatous tumours of bone are al-

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stood at 4I°.8 C, 107°.3 F., showing a rise during this time, of 0°.8 C ; the temperature of

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" the practical " take him too frequently to the clinic. He has been

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Society, together with the By-Laws, and Rules and Orders of the Society and Coun-

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