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is the initial symptom, is aching in character, and is excited at first only by

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land, the disease appears to have been most prevalent

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The gray portion of the brain is of a deep brownish-red color, and some-

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membranes of the mouth and larynx. Very deep-seated

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but no sooner is an act acquired than it is degraded from a conscious

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conditions to induce a typhoid bacillus to ferment lactose,

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for the food of the Londoners was then salt beef and pork, with a little

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lizable energy of the rations in the several periods. Before doing so,

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put upon the side, with directions to encourage the bleeding

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the local profession, and would urge still more strongly that

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other animals. In this the plaintiff was unsuccess-

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these observations that it is not the alkalies, as such, nor

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through the tissues on one side, it simply indicates that

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temperature continued to rise irregularly at night ; vomiting was

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ifaoea, if the fluid contents of the small intestine remain for some time

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the same time that the forearm was semi-flexed, so that the

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that it was formei'ly mistaken for one, until I showed clearly

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the set of Casper's operating cystoscope. The chan-

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and grandeur of its progress, worthily achieved for him

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per cent less 0, and about 8 volumes per cent more C0 2 . It is, there-

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may be resorted to. In anaemia, iron, nux vomica, and sometimes

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an assistant to make pressure on the femoral artery at the

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little more congestion at the periphery than in the

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without intermission, — constant and unremitting in its action upon

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without being sterile, as where proper intercourse is prevented by reason of

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relatively late. This is clearly borne out by the study of cases.

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physicians that this case was a good one for the develop-

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hospital admission. The other 12 (48%) patients were al-

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drawn as to the duration of incubation, while other

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Can we apply direct mechanical force to push the fcetus out

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(M If^ O »H tH CO C<l CO tH r-l t- l> »H t^ iH CO <M '^Jl tH 10 CD

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