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purple colour, but afterwards it becomes coated with a croupy

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many cases the sub-pubic and anterior especially seem to be a

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building costing $35,000 has been completed. A building

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associated sensations of which we have already shown many

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tended from the infundibula over the papillae, and perhaps

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sults when under the stress of examining a large number of men in

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applied to frost bite. As the etiology of the disease

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Unfortunately the “nurse in white” dream of many a

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cent. Louis had treated 107 patients, of which 32, or about

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fistulous sinus. He claims as a result of its use, great economy of

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'I lir tlu',,!'. iinili'il", in- llic pr.nti,.,. ,,l v.uiinr iiit'r.ip\ in -<'|'lii .i nii.i

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retically it should be slightly larger. The salt is very soluble,

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results of intraperitoneal inoculations of the cholera vibrios (Laza-

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at the end of the labium arise from the chitinous projections from

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a piece of lint, a handkerchief, or with Skinner's apparatus, for the

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that that type of fever was always obtained which was to be expected

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tory power to be —44 millimetres, the expiratory 50 millime-

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blood could be assumed to be due to the presence of the transfused

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j)revions attack of this disease, or of acute rheumatism. On the other

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pain was felt very severely over the entire chest, hut

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In conclusion, it must be remembered that, following the example

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free oxygen of the blood, and arrive unaltered at the surface of the skin.

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lar dilation is not general, for if it involved the splanchnic

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one can puncture the abscess, evacuate the pus, and suspend all further

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cerned. The physical results of laparotomy for removal

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