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essentially to happiness in a mind sensitive and alive to social sympa-

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and is the reverse of that found in pernicious anaemia, the features

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where, all serve to mislead. Delirium, too, I dominance of the digestive organs over the

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intend to occupy your time with any disquisition on the various causes

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1874, a hotel-porter, thirty years old and unmarried. He had had an

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1948. ••Brown, Robert B., mc, usn, U. S. Naval Hospital, Bethesda, Md.

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adherent. Their etiology is not clear, but their relationship to corpulency

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tion which is entirely due to thrombus, is not always practicable.

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operation, recommended when the liver is not adher-

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involvement of motility and secretion, the irritability ol the nervous

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The result of Toronto University Senate elections will be known

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receptacle provided for it. All things or utensils which have

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which he found ready-made in the process of fermentation. These

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M. D. Eleventh Edition. Philadelphia : F. E. Boericke.

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intercostal spaces are very marked. The respiration is \'ery noisy,

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14. Recommends the appointment by the President, of a

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chairman and Dr. of the secretaries. The committee con-

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1898. WiLLEY, F. Ingob, M.B., The Wych, 8, Ayenue-road, Highgate, N.

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tasteless. In depressed cases, opium in the form of the deodorized tincture

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Bebulldlng and Enlargement of Hospital Permitted. —

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of scarring. In this respect our system differs widely from the

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2. Maintenance therapy -tor healed duodenal ulcer patients at a

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In only two cases did he meet with dilatation of the sto-

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derma" was to designate atrophy of the cutis projoer, and the adjec-

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the third to the right vertex. In thirteen of the cases it occurred

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which had hitherto been quick, becomes not only irregular, but

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nose bleeds and severe bleeding from injuries. One gave a history of hematuria.

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alone are we capable of taking a sufficiently comprehensive

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the loose folds of the neck, just in front of the fore-

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