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Grigaut and Monod. Urobilin in Urine, ibid., lxvi, 211.
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the spleen could generally be detected, and occasionally an unmistak-
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He quickly became emaciated, the dyspnoea and dysphagia increased,
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a secondary signification of the word indicatuig something fluid, transient,
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ligament. This gradually cleared up, but the symptoms persisted and the
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isions of the act of March 2, 1895, have been issued, therefore, in
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uterus and tending to drag that organ down. Again, openings in
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The analogous fact is true of the sense of hearing ; some deaf persons
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their positions. Our schools, not being under the pa-
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it is also true that I left the country because of two
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abruptly become severe. The gravity of the case cannot be gauged by the
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July 8 went to l)ed, under the care of a physician, hardly able to move
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was suddenly seized witli severe cramp-like pain in the legs,
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but found myself most agreeably mistaken. For smalluess of dose and therapeutical
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grims ;" in dogs a frequent sequel of " distemper " (' Chambers's En-
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Systolic expansion and pulsation are both present in arterial
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at all events, if not before, the air force had at-
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Dr. H. H. A. Beach operated at my request, as a matter of
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this, the least important department, alone. In foreign universities
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an impression of the infectious nature of the disease, and
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No drug exhibits in a more striking light both the physiological and
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Those candidates who are most likely to benefit from
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openmg of the hospital. The medical director of the in-
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any pathological difference in the fundus of either of the eyes.
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dine the temperature sank 2.5° to 3** C. It was found
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the skull is more or less diminished in size on the side oppo-
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eight months he has been two weeks without a chill, and feels stronger.

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