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dies, tliat Pere Tertre, an ajxistolic vu'ssio?iar}/, who lived in the islands of St Chris-

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looked as if she were going into decline ; now, at the age

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signs of new-growth may fail with these neoplasms, provided they be

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after all the severe symptoms have subsided, with pain in the

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laneous Medical Economics reports considered the fol-

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for a certain length of time the compensatory mechan-

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sleep, and when the brain cells are improperly supplied with blood

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ual change position from time to time to accord with the

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with sound actuarial principles. A description of some of the

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general paralysis, and dementia. These, however, are not special to

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which has been described. In all cases in which intermittent fever iscom-

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presence of pain in the ligaments and bony prominences

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Mr. Clapton found him very ill, great oppression of

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we may also find early local disturbance in various

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introduced — say for the first twenty-four hours — a tent of car-

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ICoiiiine (G. L.) & Cios8on (E. W.) An epidemic of

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grims ;" in dogs a frequent sequel of " distemper " (' Chambers's En-

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fever, are sdl types, of varying intensity, virulence, and

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tal, where he underwent a mercurial course of four months, sus^

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singularly happy, close, powerful, and suggestive. Now and then

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ing physician to warrant a diagnosis of general paresis, but which were

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means of feedback for medical, educational, and admin-

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Hewitt, M.D. After welcoming those now entering on their

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the same flea as fig. 41 on PL 36. Thirty-six hours.

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