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scope," for diagnosing the condition of the internal ear. It consists of an elas-

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not uncommon in decided cases of acute rheumatism at the height of the

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uterus, this cannot be effected by any uterine efforts, except

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which they believed it to "be associated ; and when we

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posterior branch remaining in position, and (i the other two

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when death Ideally taken place from asphyxia. The countenance is other

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obesity. The previous history of the case may assist

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elevation (3250 feet) produces a sedative effect upon the nervous state that

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sive doses of insulin. IGF-I may prove beneficial in the

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the tonsil, or gaining an entrance to the efferent lymph-

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usual, that they had eaten nothing but ordinary food, the same that the children had had,

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this group stands that in which a complicating condition continues

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to it. Those of a contemplative disposition, and of that particular

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Local liquid applications, as of iodine, carbolic acid,

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sively on vegetable food, especially those who have publicly committed

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and imperfectly trained order of medical practitioners was

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rate way by feeling crepitus, but the crepitus is very

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also excluded from my report some cases recently seen, and

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