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As a rule younger patients gain more rapidly, but the

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would go about to make a diagnosis of the position of

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age. This soon absorbs the blood in the vagina, and,

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great splanchnic veins, of which the capa- ^^^^ (jjg ^f fg^r. But are we so poor in

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of secrecy, to anyone for the trifling sum of $10, $6 of

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Inhabitants. — ^The county was settled about 1790 by emi-

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McGaughey, was born August 8, 1922 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. He received

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in this iiaticii), corrected and enlarged by Chris-

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spine, and opium and quinia were subsequently prescribed, followed at a

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yasu’s that can narrow the aorta to the extent shown in

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et mC-m. Soc. de nied. et cbir. prat, do Par., 1894, .54-81.

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and the duratioir of some disease, and this is par-

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especially under powers of from six to eight hundred diameters linear.

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cases and deaths from contagious diseases reported to the

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pus and streptococci in great abundance. Hoist in an experiment

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of twins and no bandage was applied. It was a bad case of

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were all surgical in type and the rectoscope showed the

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therapeutie aijent. Convinced that the spinal cord can oidy

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or shades of deep amber or chestnut-brown; and in one instance the skin

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muscle, and noting, either with the eye or by means of a light lever

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natural color, and finally the margin was cured in spots,

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uncle, Dr William Pitcairn, a distinguished physician in the me-

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toe is much longer than, and therefore in advance of, the other

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guarigione per primara. In his: Oss. di patol. e clin.

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lack of education were contributory causes of poor health,

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the lung, which probably always occurs sooner or later. I have

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bath was arranged for a uniform temperature of about 38 ° C.= ioo° F.

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by the performance of an operation upon the latter. But it was

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