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such large doses as to keep the patient deeply narcotised. Veit begins

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very few works exist conspicuous for the elegance and clearness of

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Case 12 (Hospital No. 38325). — Diagnosis: diabetes mellitus; arterioscle-

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dismissal of small-po.K patients from Hospital, has existed.

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against hemorrhage by imprisoning the exuded blood, by packing the vagina, as

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A communication was received through the President, from

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When the infected substance is to be used, a piece about

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recruiting station. The usual alibi advanced in lieu of explanation

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organ, which now lies before you, never was sugar, and the impression was becoming

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requires -)-4. 50D. States that she has suffered from more or

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Anietiopia: its etioloyiv, course, and truatiiieiit. Syst.

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find the lower extremities pungently hot, and the skin feeling dry

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fever about one month later. As the result of this it seemed to be established that

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but the sinus showed no further inclination to heal

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tions issued by the medical aid through the commandant.

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checking their development or by killing them. Thus, development is

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the hematuria was intermittent and, according to the doc-

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bright, and very comfor able, all pain disappeared after the

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