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' AnnalcsdoGjrn., April. 189i: American .Jour, of Oljstctrics Feb-

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isopathic school.] Eira, Stockholm. 1896, xx, 218-220.—

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sible, and only in those cases that threaten death by

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whose clinics were followed by the visitor, with much attention

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ground of insanity." He defines insanity as " a disease of the brain in

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ducted by Medical Economics Magazine states that "the

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operation, recommended when the liver is not adher-

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me that the urine from this patient corresponds very closely to those

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of rachitis or of rheumatism are the conditions first thought

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(hysterical) disorder and a vascular lesion inducing a tem-

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opinion, either to something contained in them or to some

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It should be remembered by both physician and nurse

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is difficult to curette thoroughly, and if any putrid matter be left it would

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vascular excitement high, the pain and inflammation of a blister will

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existence of these two forms of cells is worth men-

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mostly coincident with other lesions, and when such is the

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Laboratories Seri mg Wisconsin: Beloit, Eau Claire, La Crosse,

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points aimed at : i. Obliterating or removing the sac. 2.

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co-ordination power in the legs, some diminution of muscular power,

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Diseases of the Circulatory System, together with the chapters on Whooping-Cough, Dis-

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is slow in coming, it is none the less sure. A careful study of

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of the heart's action by suggestion. Erythematous spots or

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III. In speaking of the effects of certain procedures, I pass

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I then asked him to write a note ; he sat down at his writing-table

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main arguments against the malarial origin; viz., that in the majority of

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cooling the head, heating the feet, and exposing and

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