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resistance agent. For this reason, the total carbohydrate

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their forms ; and, from their greater number and contiguity, run

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better known to Europeans than any other tropical skin disease. This

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again in the flesh. He put his views, gathered from various

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tococci could be found in the blood of these deteriorated

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ones at the doctor's office in this city. The opening is now so nearly

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tion during life, and between which exist a reciprocal and most

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tissue, but also fatal in its outcome, due to the exhaus-

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and high frequency electric currents or discharges, and the adminis-

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Dr. Cartledge, for instance, will operate upon a patient, doing an

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tally a great storage battery, capable of secreting and

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Progress Reports, Thompson-McFadden Pellagra Commission ; The Archives

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an even layer above the acid. At the plane of contact a

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cradde much, and a brownish or reddish liquid, of a strikingly inadd '

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many curiously shaped instruments it contained, 1 selected

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the earliest numbers of the Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, in

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folds apart, and these folds grow with the cystoma and

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appear. The instrument was then withdrawn, and the opera-

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rhage, I have found crepitation in some part or parts of the

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uterus. Retrodeviations of the uterus and small fi-

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worthless, destroying only the smell, and not the germs

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or at what depth under the surface it is taken. It is always advisable

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time it may be possible to supply the data upon which the suc-

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duction of wryneck, and the motions of the neck were quite

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well-developed pneumonia, temperature 103-2, sputum was

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