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treatment it would be well to have a Wassermann reaction done.

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was some irregularity in the action of the heart, but on the whole it beat

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which has been the character of the secretion from the wound

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renal tuberculosis and ordinary nephritis, which is a yery common associated

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active delirium, the temperature reached its highest point (103.2 F.),

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Located on beautiful Lake St. Croix, 18 miles from the

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large preponderance of males over females — " 123 to

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sponge like mass, consisting chiefly of Glisson's capsule, without a trace

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To kill off mosquitoes is part of public health, and so

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dangers the public health, is to the State Board of

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lower animals strumous affections in the lungs, mesentery, he. can be

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upon the heart muscle, but it is much more largely due

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" I have often wished to try ligatures, made of catgut,

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put in because, in this instance, all the intracellular trypano-

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the artery, and thus partially obliterating its cavity, or some mechanical

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cases the description of joints in chronic rheumatism (vol. v. p. 25) may

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The Fallacies of Teetotalism, or the Ditty of the Legislature in

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fore the meeting and thought the diagnosis lay between

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Malignant disease affecting the pleura generally ere long excites inflam-

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infectious clisease. When tiiey are repeated, only prolonged observation

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interesting clinical case with result of autopsy and demonstra-

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(juotcd in ' Brit, and For. Mcd.-Cliir. luvicw' of January, 1862.

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become the ground for the development of the papular syphilide or may

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of fibres passing from this area directly downwards; whereas,

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The calculation I have made is, that taking an average of all

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which was surrounded by dense fibrous tissue from one

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common in pork, has been repeatedly mistaken for trichinae, but the

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gether with the report of a case furnished by a colleague. The

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fic gravity, with the proportionally small amount of urea.

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Rensselaer, death did not take place for 15 days and 2^ months re-

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weak. Ordered eggs, brandy, tincture of ergot, and laudanum. Passed a good

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In only two cases did he meet with dilatation of the sto-

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note the following forms : choleraic, cardialgic, dysenteric, diaphoretic,

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sympathy wifh the profession save as they can make it a means of liveli-

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muscles at the bottom of a deep pit or crater. As cicatrization

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\ ,'■• * ^>^«^'^ — It is certainly bad policy to stimulate an

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