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the abdomen of an extremely acute kind, and without any or with

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Hne which effected the cure both of the local and the general tuberculosis. It

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medicine and diet ; and the peruvian bark, wine, and

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equal or exceed the outgo. In addition to the ordinary expenses the

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We will remark however, tliat it is essential to the full and complete

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ment (^Torula cerevisiae') on saccharine substances, causing

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with a raised dirty greenish slough. The liver, kidneys, and spleen were anaemic,

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1. Mayer and Linser: Mtinchen. med. Wchnschr., 1910, SC, 2757. Linser, P.:

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in pernicious anemia two factors were co-responsible for the blood

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had talked of sending her to the Queen's Square Hospital, but now she

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unusually long, evidently put upon stretch superiorly by what, on ex-

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in an inverted way, the amnion presenting (Schultze mechan-

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tating plague, the first European pestilence that has been

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carcinoma might be explained by the secondary development of cancer

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death in the prime of life — at the age of fifty-two — leaves a

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It has since, liowever, become reduced to the gentlest thrill.

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omentum and at the cardia. The wall of the stomach was infil-

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lie fat, viz, high proteids, high specific gravity; high fat, low^ spe-

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thorax and cessation of the cerebral circulation. The importance of the

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pointed out that the interest of these observations resides, first, in the reali-

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that in which, while the health is generally good, the patient completely

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lateral foramina — one on each side — and are situated

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fermentation, and therefore the oxaluria and indica-

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too, after confessing that erythema, lichen, eczema, impetigo and pso-

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and sinapisms to the extremities and thorax, he died on August 15, at 10

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expressed by members of the Medical and Veterinar)- Profes-

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Blood in the sputum occasionally came from the nose, but otherwise bloody

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It is evident that the sole effect of the muzzle is to exclude

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the lungs of the adult carbonaceous particles are always

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