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HofTman (.1.) The axis-traction furceps; its place in

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apt to excite eczema at the introitus. thickening and rough-

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those to be used, in the treatment of the sick, should be innocent

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greater than in oxen and sheep, in which it is very fatal. The

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grain of [lodophyllin at night, to relieve constipation shoidd it

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end in gangrene, abscess, or resolution, and which some-

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and Fall River foots the list with 2.7. In these 50 cities the

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convex border of which was clean-cut and angular, the ante-

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23. Silva D: Orbital tumors. Am J Ophthal 1968;65:318-339.

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broth culture of B. pestis caviae diluted 1 : 100. It was found that in

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and the hydrogen atoms turning towards the copper, which also

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absence of any satisfactory evidence of utility so far renders it

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ment even where Nature has dealt harshly with it in the

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found that 66 per cent, of 268 patients with incipient tuberculosis are

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essentially to happiness in a mind sensitive and alive to social sympa-

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no objection in the view of certain individuals, who still

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mother and child. The operator must, of course, make sure that the infant

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1. The Present Status of the Surgery of the Prostate Gland. Paul

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it is a true story, and is of interest, because it is the Martineaus were so prominent, Mr. Night-

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Prof. D. AY. Yandkt.l, of Locisvii.le, Ky. — Dur-

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learn that Dr. John A. Rockwell, having followed for several years a course of

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J. X. E. Brown and Mr. Cawthra Mulock. appeared before the

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number per decennium is found between the tenth and twentieth years.

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which escaped through a small puncture in the abdominal coverings,

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American Physicians, held at Washington, May 25, 1892.

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and Toxicology ; Edward G. Janeway, M. D., Pathological

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osis: Pathogensis & Etiology, Lactic Acidosis: Differential

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"coordinated and closely resemble hysteroid convulsions." Not only is

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and also occasionally, it is said, the long head of the

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brought on a laxity of his bowels. To obviate this, he was or-

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taining excreta from typhoid-fever patients were pro-

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the kidneys, and sometimes in the urine contained in the bladder in bodies

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State Medical Society of Wisconsin, PO. Box 1109, Madison, WI 53701,

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