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is very suggestive of a perisinus or extradural ab-

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and out patient special institutions. These expenses con-

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The following brief record of such a paroxysm will serve to illustrate the

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giant-cells. These cells, as is now known, are to be found in the line

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tion, no physician can charge more for his services

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"pipe-dream" cast. An old maid "was afraid she was taking scar-

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are forced into the respiration-bag by allowing water to replace the gas in the gradu-

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caused profuse secretion from the eyes, nose, mouth and in-

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near the skin, a condition favourable to the formation of adherences. When

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The anatomical appearances, as reported by Dr. H., were so very re-

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"I never looked upon the operation of excision of the knee-joint but as a

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of slight traces of albumin and of the occasional cast to the present health

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of inaction, followed at once by the further lifting of the flanks

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pons and medulla should act precisely alike as to the side

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Let me add a few words as to possible mishaps. In some cases we think that the

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tion of monographs on Intratracheal Insufflation by Dr. Samuel

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In reply to questions, he said that it would be possible to distinguish a

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pepper, and set over the fire in a saucepan. Let it boil up

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involvement. Case 21, reported by Brewer and Wood, was a local-

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While tuberculous disease of these organs can be diag-

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of needles are frequently buried in the palmar and plantar fasciae ; and

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that he took it as a compliment to his country and to his city.

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N. ; Primary Virus Pneumonitis : A comparative study

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distinctive physiological characters of, 287 ; greater

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Ibid., 1897, xliii, 2. Abtb., 272-282, 1 pi.— «lc Weclter (L.)

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