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or at least in those cases in which the inflammatory process reaches the
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Diphtheria of the eye, or diphtheritic conjunctivitis, is not infrequent. It
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Cases of scarlet fever in Boston, by months, reported to the Board of Health from 1890 to 1904,
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verification by others, of that part of the natural history of
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long as the uncertainties of fortune and domestic happiness
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physiological forms which, as years and periods of years pass by, may cause
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they are thin. A dry inland climate is best for those of vigorous constitution.
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occurred. Grisolle noted prodromes in 50 out of 205 cases (24 per cent.),
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eructations of gas by the mouth, or attempts at retching
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hfematemesis are rare. Hemorrhage may be found in the pleura, cerebrum,
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It is at times sufficiently acute to suggest meningitis. Vertigo and syncope
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Milk, Bile, Blood, Gastric Juice, Urine, Saliva; Respi-
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dilators. Paessler and Romberg conclude that in experimental pneumo-
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them George Johnson, Leyden, Dickinson, Hayem, Lees, and Garrod.
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Attacks in which the lesions are everywhere discrete usually follow a mild
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could only have been from oysters which had been eaten at several dinners
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presents, questions of personality are of prime importance.
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and cultivation of seed more than does human vaccine. It can be prepared
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8. Digestive System (Left Side) ; 9. Butcher's Sections
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bacilli have grown and which represent the result of synthetical processes in
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the same faith in commercial agencies that they have in their
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may have been an instance of pneumonia migrans. The duration of a relapse
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ually all these requirements have been increased; gradually,
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introduction by Koch of solid media for the pure culture of bacteria was
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loading of three years to the ages of all females within the
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be taken to see that the sheets are smooth. In some cases an air- or water-
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used as a s}TiomTn, and from the prevalence of the disease among camps and
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ment it, the same result follows — immediate arrest of secre-
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by which is meant that produced in part by other bacteria,
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and at the present time no disease promises more hopefully than this to give
pentoxifylline and intralesional triamcinolone acetonide
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Prognosis. — ^This is invariably favorable without complications, and
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absence of a friction rub, the usual increase in the vocal fremitus, and the
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the bowels, the sacral, anal and gluteal regions should be cleaned with a cloth
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typhoid fevers, it was only in the early part of the last century that it was

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