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praying that the Pesident’s physician is a person of
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Dr. a. B. Macallum calls attention to the fact that Bunge's researches
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medicine, and to permit the recurrence of attacks on account of the
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Case VI. — A seamstress, aged sixteen. She had had con-
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they had observed no instance of heart block in about
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tion of the nose now seemed to cause her most distress.
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of oligochromemia by simple inspection of a drop of blood from a finger
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cords, and the anterior inner face of the larynx; but many
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had the same characteristics as the abdominal pain ;
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menta i hemoglobina; morfologi(dieskiya izsli'edovaniya.
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not ' mad doctors,' is dragged off in the most barbarous
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The writer has frequently found that Hot Baths of half-an-hour's
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have on fporadical difeales -, and, lajllyy of the manner in which
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ing, Mild make all (lie4iues. Drafts and Post-office Orders payable to "'The
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5. — Ass' milk resembles mothers' milk most closel.y, but
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the diloride of gold has heen reoognized as a special re-agent upon the
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Factories throb to the pound of his inventions — while he sits. Hour
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sations were 15 per minute, and were strong and regular; 11 minutes after, action of heart
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complex in right-handed persons, the contrary is the case in left-handed iu;-
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neuritis, tlie author calls this a case of spontaneous idiopathic
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medicine, amidst the difficulties that so frequently environ him,
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had not been of a narrow or selfish nature. Their anxiety
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The same result followed also when the patient had been
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terial. Thayer notes that mononuclear phagocytosis was more often
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I am told, but she still suffers from her melancholy, and
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ali'ect the amount of urine or percentage of sugar, but she did
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This treatment should be begun within five days after expo-
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from the gluteal, ischiatic, and other arteries which cannot be directly
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typlioide def6rma nervosa; tratamento balneatorio; cura.
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This is best observed at the pyloric third, where traction will often
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Bronchiectasis. — Anders has found the following com-
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ter cysts, and also concretions, in the organ itself; fibrous
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the elderly or debilitated, the usual starting dose is 0.25 mg, two or three times daily.

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