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to the study of fever by Dr. Peebles, who, during a long residence

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captivity causes a decrease of venom, both in quantity and in toxicity;

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with wave-length as short as 20 X 10^^' cm. ; but with electric waves

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reciirrence of miscarriages or steriHty on the part of the vrife. If there is

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ber he proceeded to Edinburgh and entered as a student at

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the symptom-complex is so characteristic that errors in diagnosis seldom

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see that these troubles are neither asthma nor migraine ; they are symptoms

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Typhus ex.antheniaticus. Prag. lued. Wclinschr., 1886, xi,

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terstices between the fibres of elastic tissue, by which the air-

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tion, and will thus be productive of great saving, both in

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Percussion determines resonance, pitch, and resistance.

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Each chapter contains most valuable matter, and will amply

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1914 it became 1 to 1. The ratio of recurrences to escapes from recur-

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barber-surgeons of the city, giving them money with which

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perforation, albeit inflammation of small surfaces of the

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■';';<• -i^t-r. ,,hln,ud. c,i,i,vK iv^p,,„MhK- ,,„■ tl,. nin-in^. 1,,^ aN,, to

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Secretary Bruce and Mr. Wiuterbotham, is divided into four

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either of them (according to the rules laid down by Dr.

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head, on the scalp a little to the left of the middle line and

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patient rallies from the immediate shock, and, provided no fresh pyro-

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attended with the dulness in percussion which ought

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be taken to Mr. Brown's cases, that they do not sho>

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