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to the juice obtained by crushing a testicle and filtering t!ie
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punctated red eruption appears on the face and neck, and in ten
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fell asleep. These attacks last nearly three hours. She was weak and
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zealously guarded against at all times, especially when
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sion and for advancement, and to make the method of in-
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attention to the comparative frequency of hemorrhage as a cause. Van
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the duodenum, the biliary passages, or the pancreas, and that the con-
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president of the society, presided, and spoke to the
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(E.) & ITlagiiiii. De Taction de I'ergotine et de I'ergoti-
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with the greatest dilliculty. Indeed, it is impossible at
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The discharge of oil, however, does not necessarily indi-
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the position of interne, only 56 appointments were made.
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dures, Chomel that of plaques gaufir^es. The morbid process is also
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ing by tying the cesophagus, but I do not perceive how such violent pro-
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The second develops early in life, advances by irregularly recurring
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The Strychnine stimulates muscular contraction and aids in
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lar opacities, believed to be the remains of the fetal hya-
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4 . A. Morales et al . , The Journal of Urology 128:
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tress, she relates her experience, adventures, and the like.
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frequent. There was no local reaction at the injection

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