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lymph all over the world. Its use for the purpose was

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we cannot allow of its forming a peculiar coat to any part, since

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ceed to Norfolk, Va., and assume charge of the ser-

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of exposure. Usually epidemiologists study the effect of

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of effects, attributable to toxins, in other organs. MacCallum (^) records

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freely as seemed compatible with the safety of the patient,

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even the oval corpuscles of the camelidse agree with the corpuscles of

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even when the crop is riptning. The field is exposed, of course, to full

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has on their relative situation.* In bleeding from the foot, he

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Medical stamps are special, and medical philatelists are

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The myositis that attends ulcerative endocarditis depends

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I have repeatedly observed in blood that has been kept three

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emulsified with four times its weight of diluent in such case).

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volvement m meeting this generally accepted standard. We

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terminal portions of the first and third veins. The second spot not

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i, The lymphatic vessel passing with the crural artery

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generations on cow calves. Nevertheless, he concludes as to the necessity

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effective in rendering the patient non-contagious but has no

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was swollen and oedematous. The trachea and bronchi were

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are consonant with current medical thought on the subject.

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any paralysis or spasmodic contraction of muscles which

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for all other age groups. This review emphasizes that these patients

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pathologia el Mvcologia Applicata 2 1 : 1 29. 1 963

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returned and she was again able to walk. In August, 1883,

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cutaneous sensitizer. Articles in the current literature

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cin, troleandomycin. may result in higher serum levels of

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pollen sensitivity. Some mold spores such as alternaria or

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that pus may be formed without any breach in the solids ; and John

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including neomycin. The manifestation of sensitization to

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Myositis, in the sense in which the term is usually employed,

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table. It is important to keep in mind the definition of

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