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having attended public schools, is decidedly encouraging.

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cal Group Managers Association. The Wisconsin Medical Journal is

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■change of season, produced a considerable dimuuition of the

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of Physic, Mr. Druitt, in his Vade Mecum, and Dr. Cop-

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All her bones were more or less affected, and scarcely any would resist the knife. Those of

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received the water-closet pipe drain, these old drains were disused,

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All food served must be consumed. Menu remains the same throughout

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M.D., 150 E. First St., Fond du Lac; telephone 291 and

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the livid condition which succeeds ; if no further injury is done the treat-

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a rare event. Usually, when the dropsy disappears, and convalescence

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Phimosis is an abnormal constriction with elongation of the pre-

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19. The Heart of a patient with Adherent Pericardium. Exhibited by

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on the general action of the drug and its influence on the arterial press-

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times of the day more than others, and this is not only

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tical with that which produces puerperal peritonitis," a point still under

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Induction of Premature Labor by Injection of Glycerine, The

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determine the size and frequency of the dose. Whisky is best admin-

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the powerful cathartic action of the poison. The severe inju-

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glosso-epiglottidean fossettes and over the whole extent of the ex-

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used in Tic douloureux with evident benefit, being that of a lady,

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later by symptoms of right ventricle failure and general n'dema, would

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\Yhen introduced into a new district the first few cases are separated

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with some interest an account of the plan of treatment pursued in Ger-

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onstrate that the patients’ motivations work in this

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relationship with the humerus for too long a period to allow of

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the otliers which I enumerated, a few rules may include

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and the Grecians," tells us that " the town of Athens pos-

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of the gauze, or this may be supplemented by the following : —

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asked, How is it possible for a man who is ill-paid or

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Very different and even diametrically opposed are the statements

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different infections. It is doubtful if there is a true general immu-

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gress must have been exceedingly gradual among a people,

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