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was performed by trephining. Other experiments of the same nature,

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same may be true of hemoglobinuric fever. The parasite may be present

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it ; that it leaves the body, not by the organs provided for the separation

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of the cause of bothriocephalus anemia. We have had the oppor-

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eTRinining the bodics of persons who had died of peritonitis with

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from wounds received in the dissection of virulent cases of puer-

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began to subside, and the other symptoms to improve. From

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whiskey are indicated. Opium may be required to relieve

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tion, 149 list topics that were stated in the ranking inquiry.

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diagnosis made at St. Thomas's Hospital in 1914 but was discarded on

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in the stom.ach and bowels. Irritability of the bladder may be a

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arrive by their twelfth year, and should stay till they are twenty. They

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treatment prednisone poison oak

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and will crown the efforts to treat diseases without the use oi

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dered him one of the best writers and teachera this

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windows have outer and inner sash, both hinged, making possible

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tremity in regular sequence wherever the irrigation may be applied. This

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in three different asylums, were treated so successfully,

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erly have belonged to the private libraries of various ruling houses

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regular, countenance and lips very pale ; there had been no re-

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The first symptom to attract the attention is the direct effect of naao-

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ti. <■ during the past two years lias very ma-

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favour. Dr. Davis recommended its use in lymphadenoma

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1952. Semisch, Charles W., Ill, 5329 Rising Sun Ave.

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I would rather have a glass eye. I should consider the eye in some

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reposition. This may embrace the use of various forms

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system, care always being taken that there be no exposure to cold after

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maaaes, consisting of urates. In mild grades of the disease, only a few

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exciting causes being quite subordinate or practically

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condition is one of a chronic parenchymatous nephritis,

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thus early conveyed, modifying his excesses in the way of eating, drinking,

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whether the case was one of mixed infection. He does not

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to resort to this in any one whether vaccinated or not, at any time before

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brush and that the pains disappeared, sensation became normal,

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According to the author's estimate, only sixty-eight in a thousand

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called upon to undertake. We already have a sort of

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Setting a Dis/ocated J\ib. This movement is effective when

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