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For further information address the Superintendent, St. Peter's Hospital.
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the tubes are denuded of epithelium, the walls thickened,
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sician, I do believe) to prescribe tests and thera-
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Krabbel's report is of a case autopsied after exploratory laparot-
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were all surgical in type and the rectoscope showed the
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In 1860 this patient began to notice difficulty in walking
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supposing that in either case he had done nothing that was not necessary or
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secondary to reactivation of disease originally acquired in
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diphtheria of the esophagus and of the stomach occasionally occurs.
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and distension of the stomach itself by food or by flatus may have a
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W., who had been vomiting some hours from a Strangulated
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Secretary Kreider read a paper by Dr. B. M. Griffith,
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acid, and put into a jar and taken to the operating
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tion of these parasites in a sterile emulsion causes vaccinia in all animals.
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Case III, one molar. Case IV, three molars. Case V, two
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to all his conclusions. We are especially skeptical in relation to the
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5s'ow we might state, as broadly as is consistent with
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should be put in a long spica. This injury had been
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of intestinal torpor such as that due to dietary errors (alimentary
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vital powers, as a result, not of the inflammation, but of a true blood
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cavities had been examined. There was severe pleurisy, limited, however,
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phagocytosis. The tendency of the cells which proliferate
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Signs of frontal lobe dysfunction such as grasp and
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with the brevet rank of Colonel, was mustered out of service on July 27,
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those individuals who have shown hypersensitivity to any of the components.
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ing towards the posterior aspect of the lateral ligaments. This
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but for the developments of preventive medicine the
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most twenty hours after injection may be considered non-
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as we know. If a patient is discovered with this disease in the

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