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The plantar fascia becomes relaxed, longer, and thicker. The

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From this time the patient grew steadily worse and death occurred late in

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between the heart and pericardium, the whole heart was

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deadens pain and allays suppuration, healing spontaneously, the

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people whom you expect to call upon for generous contribu-

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Extract from an Article in the " News." — I saw not long since an article in

prednisone tablets for dogs side effects

may be repeated again and again. There is no pain of any conse-

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air; during which time, as Bert's experiments show, the liberated gas

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[^Read before the Massachusetts Homoeopathic Medical Society. 1

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Orig. Memh. Cayley, William, M.D., Physician to, and Lecturer

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uterus, they are called submucous; when occurring near or on the

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1907 a. — Knochenpathologie der Tiere <Ergebn. d. allg. Path. u. path. Anat.

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also it exerted a marked influence in reducing the amount

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decrease in death-rate. But even in 1873 the average death-rate was

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important subject of gonorrhoea in women will be more fully

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other orificial facts learned from the journal in question ;

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derma" was to designate atrophy of the cutis projoer, and the adjec-

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are not duly performed. Towards night, the laboring man, especially

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The way in which these forms of agraphia are to be distinguished

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attended with comparatively little danger to life, it none

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The measures for the prevention of yellow fever epidemics have been

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the explanation given by Robertson concerning neuroglia fibers which are said

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of the foot. This sign has led to more fog in diagnosis than it has

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portion of persons never contract the disease — that the longer an attack is

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for the sexual instinct" and that "failure of the sexual instinct, the

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Academic Royale de Medecine de Belgique - Brussels.

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of treason before Lord Chief Justice Kenyon and the associate justices, and

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existence of these two forms of cells is worth men-

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of the peritoneum, placed it in an incubator for forty-

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When he reached home he was unable to pass anything, and

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