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becomes suppressed; also when dyspnea is not relieved by

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ber a still further fall gradually took place in the percentage

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penis can swell and enlarge, with which the urethra

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pressant or hydrocodone The concurrent use of anticholinergics with hydrocodone may produce paralytic ileus

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As to the propriety of the surgeon refusing to operate because it will

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interesting passage I may quote. Ahura-Mazda is ad-

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If the growth is in the slack of the sigmoid flexure or of the

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to mankind? How he treated the subject, M. Dubois will

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profoundly affected. He took medicine during the following year with

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Exp. 3. Addition of salt at " stationary point.''''

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and Dermatolog, Zeitschr,, Jan. and Aug., 1904). XicoUe demon-

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bank’s assets. The Budget presented to the Delegates

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tal malformations as suggested in several studies. Consider possibility

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the left side of the face occurred, with violent pain

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we are glad to know that it is coming to be regarded far more

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\vho wishes to sell both his practice and good will. Here is an excel-

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two degrees Fabr. more than the rectum ; but the temperature of the rectum is a little lower

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is no possibility of the child having been exposed to lead."

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Put these four ingredients into the inner vessel of the custard

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Observations extracted from the Reports of the Danish Surgeons

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produces the purple color as rapidly or as purely as the original

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The most interesting outcome of Mr. Tait's work has

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restoration of the uterus to a normal position. In operating,

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be effected by the use of the salicyl-creasote ointment during the nigh

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disposition and entire being of others to their detri-

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Sansom claimed to be the first to describe this body

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returns. This may be due to the rapidity with which they

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infection is shortlived — about three to eight weeks. S. s. ovis has been

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severe pain, which she referred to a spot, about three or four inches in

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drug. The experiments of Kolmer and Yagle {Jour. Amer. Med.

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